About Us

“We have one planet Earth – There is No Planet B!”
We call our club after this truth.
The No Planet B club is for concerned youth who raise awareness about the impacts of climate change for our earth, our one and only beautiful Home.

Think Globally, act locally!

The aims of the club are:

  • to raise awareness of climate change and biodiversity loss
  • to connect with nature, wildlife and people
  • to empower young people with hope, not fear
  • to equip them with tools for resilience in this era of rapid climate change.
  • to become  more informed about the complexity of life sustaining systems of our environment
  • to appreciate the uniqueness of species and the value of biodiversity  for  our environment 
  • to identify how  we can  play a positive role in saving our planet 
  • to  have fun through exciting activities and  learning experiences
  • to feel  part of a caring community of  people who want to take positive action

What do we get from the club:

  • Love and understanding of nature
  • Leadership skills, confidence, self-belief and self-esteem
  • The opportunity to feel socially engaged and make new friends
  • Freedom to have our views heard, to make decisions, to plan, to act and to engage our peers.
  • Time for Fun and laughter

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