Mini Orchard & Native tree planting

7th November 2021

“To plan and talk is good but to plan and take action is even greater.”  Euginia Herlihy

We showed our own commitment to tackling climate change by planting a native woodland and a mini orchard at Naas Lakes.

While Greta and the young people at COP26 were marching and sharing their concern about inaction, we proved that with the No Planet B club, it's all about action!

Native is best!

Our most important club rule is to have fun! So we did. The sun was shining and we got digging.

With a great turn out and  wonderful community spirit, we planted 60 native trees.

These included Guelder Rose, Spindle and Holly, along with a mini orchard made up of 30 dwarf apple trees.

We also received a kind donation of a Strawberry tree (Arbutus Unedo), an unusual native tree, which was  planted in its own special place.

Community Spirit

We were delighted to get so much help from our local Community.

Sincere thanks to:

The wonderful members, parents, committeeand volunteers of the No Planet B Club.

Our strong community for turning up and helping out on the day.

Dara Wyer who stored and cared for the trees for us over covid until we could get out again to plant them and supported this project from start to finish.

Councillors Fintan Bret and Colm Kenny for getting their wellies on and digging in.

Kildare County Council for funding this project

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