Lullybeg Club Trip

26th June 2021

For our Summer club trip this year we went to Lullybeg Bog.  We became “Citizen Scientists’ for the day. We learnt about biodiversity and  the importance of protecting habitats, particularly in boglands.  Val Swan, a retired wildlife park ranger, who knows everything about biodiversity was our guide for the day. We  spotted lots of butterflies, moths, flowers and even frogs. Here are pictures of just some of the wonderful plants and creatures we saw :

Butterflies & Moths

  • Common Blue x 3
  • Burnett Moth
  • Marsh Fritillary x 8
  • Meadow Brown x 4
  • Small Tortoise Shell x 4
  • Small Heath x 5
  • Burnett Companion


  • Marsh Orchid
  • Cuckoo flower
  • Butterfly Orchid
  • Cross leaved Heath
  • Ragid Robin
  • Tormentil
  • Alder Buckthorn
  • Oxeye daisies

Other Creatures!

  • Frogs
  • Raft Spider
  • Crab Spider
  • Pine Martin x 2
  • Long Horn Beetle
  • Grass Hopper
  • Dragonfly (various)

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