Library Talk


Thanks to Naas library for the use of the venue for our presentation on climate change.

Our talk was very well attended. Thanks to everyone for coming along, our friends, family and the public. Thanks also to five of our newly elected County Councillors who were there to support us, Vincent P Martin, Anne Breen, Bill Clear, Carmel Kelly and Fintan Brett.

We began with a strong message:

“There is NO Planet B or No Plan B and right now our planet is being destroyed, not by a nuclear bomb, or aliens but by us, you, me, families, friends, leaders, governments and all humankind.”

Then we asked for commitment

To join with us to stop global warming so that all of us get to grow up in a clean, safe world. We want to experience the world like our previous generations and not under the threat of becoming extinct. “

We explained what climate change is, the causes and what we can do locally to take action.

We played the CCPI guessing game. The audience had to guess where their country sits on the list of “How well countries in the world are performing in tackling climate change.” Can you guess where Ireland is on the list?

“We are ashamed that Ireland is the worst in Europe. We hope you will help us to campaign to get our Government to do more in this fight against climate change. Lets push to get Ireland on the top of the list!”

We finished with a chant

“What do we want? 
Clean Earth
When do we want it? 


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