Our Leinster House Presentation

March 2023

This piece is extracted from the article in The Nationalist written by two of our club members, Dara Kenny age 13 & Ruby Cowdell age 14 

Recently we went to the Dáil and delivered a presentation to Minister Malcolm Noonan,  Senator Vincent P. Martin, Minister Ossian Smyth, Councillor Carolyn Moore and a NPWS government official.

Our presentation was on Biodiversity Loss and a proposed peatlands park which is a group of local and national NGOs who came together to propose a 7,000 hectare Peatlands Park in Kildare and the midlands and to promote biodiversity in our environment.

We showed them our short film and talked to them about Biodiversity Loss and the importance of our bogs.

Did you know that bogs hold up to ten times more carbon per metre than rainforests? This is true but unfortunately there are plans to build wind farms on this land. We all support renewable energy but with access roads, pylons, electricity cables and drainage this would have a terrible impact on the rehabilitation of our bog and would release lots of the carbon stored there. Doesn’t it make sense to build wind farms anywhere else other than our peatlands?

We can’t keep destroying our wildlife just because animals have no voices to object.We want renewable energy as well as biodiversity not instead of!

The bogs are Ireland’s Amazon. We watch in horror at the destruction of the Amazon but yet we have a plan to do the same to ours.

We asked the Minister, ‘‘If you owned a piece of the Amazon, would you choose to build a wind farm on it?’’

One of the club members Freddy said

“I think we got through to them well and we were given lots of positive feedback”

Dara said

“I definitely think we are going to get this Peatlands Park because of all our projects, petitions, activities and our website. I hope all our work will pay off!”

Club members on the steps of the Dáil with Senator Vincent P Martin
Club members pictured with Senator Vincent P Martin, Minister Malcom Noonan and Minister Ossian Smyth
Pictured with Senator Vincent P Martin, Minister Malcom Noonan and Minister Ossian Smyth

Check out Minister Noonan’s tweet after where he said

“I  was joined in Leinster House today by the No Planet B Club from Naas, an incredible group of young environmental activists who, among other things, are campaigning for a National Peatlands Park for Kildare.”


The club members outside of Leinster House

“ I really liked the tour and meeting the Minister, I hope he will give us The Peatlands Park” says James. 

“ I was fascinated by Minister Noonan’s rock band because I play guitar myself” says Sophia.

Councillor Carolyn Moore, who is also Minister Noonan’s parliamentary assistant, toured us around Leinster House and showed us the Dáil chamber. After our presentation Minister Vincent P Martin invited us to  a debate in the Seanad on installing a new school bus in Rathcoffey and Straffan. We listened to Senator Martin give his speech. Afterwards Senator Martin invited us for soft drinks and coffee in the tea rooms.

All in all it was a fun day and a great experience. Here are some comments from the No Planet B members: 

“We felt very proud because we were in the most important building in all of Ireland. I was astounded that Senator Martin mentioned us during the debate in the Seanad, and I am really happy about it, I am really proud of the group.” says Euan

“I thought it was great and super cool and we got great feedback from the ministers and senators. We found it very interesting when Senator Martin told us that Minister Noonan was in a rock band.” says Ben.

No Planet B working hard to get their message out to the Media.

Well done to Ruby and Dara for their editorial piece in the the  Nationalist paper following their trip to Leinster House.

Congratulations to  Ruby for a super radio interview with Eoin Beatty on Kildare today.

Click here to listen to Ruby’s radio interview with Eoin
Fast forward to 25:20 

 No Planet B Club @ the stunning Luisne Garden RoomMcAuley Place

No Planet B Presentation in collaboration with The National Peatlands Park Group in preparation for our Presentation at Leinster House .

The Proposed National Peatlands Park Map for Kildare and the midlands.

Sign our Petition

We also showed the Minister the petition that our club started in support of this peatlands park proposal, which has well over 500 signatures so far. Please support this great initiative by signing the petition: NATIONAL PEATLANDS PARK Petition

In summary: The National Peatlands  park will be great win for

  • Biodiversity Rehabilitation 
  • Carbon sink
  • Ireland’s Peatland heritage 
  • Eco tourism
  • Local communities employment
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Ireland’s climate ratings
  • A Just transition

If you want to find out more about the Peatlands Park Proposal you can check out this website: www.nationalpeatlandsparks.com 

Thanks to McAuley Place for funding & hosting our event at the beautiful Luisne Room 

Thanks to all those who supported and helped out with our trip to Leinster House.

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