Elements of Change Festival

Reportwritten by Dara, No Planet B club member (aged 12)

Our journey to the elements of Change Festival in  Cloughjordan was so exciting and fascinating! I don't know where to begin!!
Cloughjordan is a small eco village in Tipperary. It was much more environmentally safe and focused on preventing climate change!!

We talked to some of the local children in Cloughjordan and how they loved life in this eco village. They loved their freedom and everything they do as a small community. These are really inspiring words for all us living in towns or cities knowing that we could achieve big things for the planet too.

For more information on Cloughjordan eco festival click - Cloughjordan Eco Festival

As we arrived unlike everywhere else in the country it had so much bog land and greenery which is something a lot of us lack. The air was so fresh and so were the crops. Everyone in Cloughjordan grow their own crops, fruit and veg. From strawberry bushes to red lettuce they had wide ranges of organic foods!! Not only that but some local farmers  supply the village with their fruit and veg.

Solar Panels and recycling

There were stalls around the area as an annual Cloughjordan festival was on. The stalls held stuff from homemade treats to freshly grown food. We even came across a stall that represented breast cancer awareness and they collected money for that charity.

Not only that in the village but they had handmade wooden games to play with!!! As well as awesome marble runs. See the photos.

But my favourite thing of all was a recycling artistic workshop where you use old recyclable goods and turn them into accessories!! Like bags, purses, scarfs and hats!!!"

If you're  under 16 you can print the petition here, colour it then get your friends and family to sign it and send it to us or to your local councillors or TDs.

Printable version

At 2:30 myself and our group the no planet B club made a presentation on global warming and raising awareness. It was quite a success and we are all really proud of our work that day. 

We also launched our "Support the National Peatlands Park Petition".    This park is so important for Biodiversity, locking in carbon, bringing Ireland closer to it's climate targets and great for all our futures.             If you're over 16 please sign our online  petition here: 


For more information on The National Peatlands Park click - https://www.nationalpeatlandspark.com/

After our presentation, we collected lots of signatures for our petition.

Ultimately this trip to Cloughjordan has turned out phenomenal and proves that climate change is serious and the little things really make a difference!! We really enjoyed our experience and hopefully will return there soon

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